INDIGI LAB calls for more inclusion in STEM education

INDIGI LAB  is advocating for Indigenous sciences and knowledges to be respected, maintained and protected and that an education system that encourages Indigenous inclusion is a way to preserve Indigenous languages, cultural practices and environmental sustainability as all are inter-connected.

“We want a future for our kids. To do this Indigenous knowledges need to be the driving force behind science, technology and digital innovation.  Our as our sciences have been developed over 80,000 years old and are built one sustainable practices”

“We want to propose a STREAMS education model to the government and the STEM sector; a model that will enable Indigenous Australians to be at the forefront of Sciences, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Sustainability.” Says INDIGI LAB Founder and Director, Luke Briscoe

“Our cultures and environments are inseparable and by designing an education system that supports Indigenous-lead sustainable practices, we are giving our kids a future on earth.” Mr Briscoe added.

“Indigenous Knowledge has become the accepted term to include the beliefs and understandings of non-western people acquired through long-term association with a place. It is knowledge based on the social, physical and spiritual understandings which have informed the people’s survival and contributed to their sense of being in the world.”

“It is widely understood that Indigenous knowledge can translate into very sophisticated science that connects with the natural environment and only in recent years have scientists acknowledged the role Indigenous science plays in sustaining Australia’s ecosystem and the positive impact it has on the economy.”

“I think Western and Indigenous sciences can come together. I think it’s about time Australia revises its history and I feel that they are willing but we need to work together to make this happen.” Says Bruce Pascoe.

We want to connect with all Australians to see how a STREAMS education model can be achieved.” Says Mr Briscoe

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